2020 International Rice Tasting Conference settled in China

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The only testing equipment designated by the conference-----Shizuoka Machinery Brand SGE Food Taste Analyzer and ES-5 Particle Appearance Analyzer

   The qualifier for the first China International Rice Tasting Conference kicked off at Bayuquan Bandung Square, Yingkou, Liaoning. With this as a sign, the world-renowned "International Rice Tasting Conference" officially entered China. In this preliminary contest, there are 500 rice samples from all over the country. The SGE Taste Analyzer of Shizuoka Machinery Co., Ltd. of Japan, as the only testing equipment designated by the conference, passed international standards and carried out open and transparent technical testing on the spot, and finally produced the top 40 who entered the Guangzhou final. The taste analyzer can accurately detect the moisture, protein, amylose, fatty acid and other components of rice, and at the same time evaluate the taste value of rice in real time. This time, 500 samples were tested in two days in order. The taste value ticket detected on the spot was pasted on the participating rice samples by the staff of Dalian Shizuoka Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Finally, the rice with high taste value is put together, and the competition samples whose moisture content is outside the range of 10% to 16% are eliminated, and then the ES5 particle appearance analyzer is used for appearance analysis and testing. If the appearance of the sample has chalky grains, broken grains, Dyed grains, cracked grains, immature grains, etc., are also used as the selection criteria.



SGE Taste Analyzer

ES-5 Particle Appearance Analyzer



Yingkou qualifier, 500 samples were tested on sitePaste the taste value ticket on site

                        From December 6th to 8th, the final of China's first International Rice Tasting Conference was held at the Canton Fair Pavilion in Guangdong Province. In order to ensure that more delicious rice can be cooked, the moisture content of the final rice was tested on the spot again, and each rice was weighed 600g According to the water distribution table provided by the Japan Rice Taste Association, scientific rice-water mixing ratio is carried out. After the rice is cooked, 30 Chinese and Japanese expert judges invited by the organizing committee will evaluate the participating rice. After a comprehensive evaluation of the aroma, appearance, taste, viscosity, and hardness of the cooked rice on site, a secret ballot was conducted, with 5 votes for each judge, totaling 150 votes. Under the supervision and witness of each participant and the audience, based on the results of the voting, 3 gold medals and 16 winners for 2020 were selected on the spot. In the end, the “super rice” cultivated by Wang Liming, Family Farm of Fengliyuan Farm in the Liaohe Agricultural Reclamation Management Zone, Siping City, Jilin Province won the crown, and finally won 13 votes, winning the first place in the China competition of this conference; the “super rice” cultivated by Zhao Zhongchen in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province "Daohuaxiang" won 11 votes and won the second place; "Xiaolixiang" cultivated by Ma Wanlin, Siping City, Jilin Province, won 10 votes and won the third place.

Check the moisture of the final rice before cooking and weigh 600gOn-site evaluation of cooked rice


The awarding scene of the gold award and the winning award



Participating rice sample display area, voting area

Voting live

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