Dedicated to the upcoming 17th birthday of Dalian Shizuoka Machinery

Issuing time:2015-06-01 22:30

The beloved Shizuoka Machine:

      Just a few days later is the anniversary month of your 17th birthday. Whether it is joy or sigh, the mood is beyond words.

      I remember 17 years ago, Dalian Shizuoka Machinery was like a baby who was learning Chinese. Everything was learned from the beginning, including the operation of the company and the manufacture of products. At that time, only a single F-300 blower and air duct were produced, and the annual sales were Quantity is the only choice for the survival of the company.

      After years of hard work, with the care of the Japanese head office, and the joint efforts of everyone, you have grown up slowly, become more skilled, and start producing heaters and exported to Japan. The quality is recognized by the Japanese head office At that time, you were a little relieved.

      Little by little you are becoming mature. The product is trying to sell in the country. When the first order comes, you will be excited, nervous, and at a loss, until you calm down slowly and successfully sell the product. Get out. As a result, we saw Dalian Shizuoka Machinery's products in the Chinese sales market.

      With the development of science and technology and the leap of informatization, people can recognize it on the Internet. There is a company called Dalian Shizuoka Machine in the Dalian Free Trade Zone of China, which promotes the establishment of the company's website.

      Each period is pregnant with the meaning it contains, and the development of each period has its specific meaning, which is like our life.

      As time goes by, you are gradually growing, from a few single products to dozens of products, axial fans, centrifugal fans, diagonal fans, heaters, until now you are ready to produce high-tech products --- ---Moisture meter.

      Short texts cannot express the path you have traveled and the hardships you have paid. But many people are watching your growth, looking forward to your maturity, and looking forward to your success. You are working hard, everyone is struggling, only for the common goal of each other -----

Make unremitting efforts for the prosperity and growth of Dalian Shizuoka Machinery Co., Ltd.!

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have worked hard!

                                                                                                                        All employees of Dalian Shizuoka Machinery Co., Ltd.

                                                                                                                   June 2015

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