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Issuing time:2015-05-01 22:30

It coincides with the May 1st International Labor Day in 2015. First of all, Dalian Shizuoka Machinery Co., Ltd. wishes all customers a happy holiday and a happy mood!

       Here is an introduction to the current developments of Dalian Shizuoka Machinery Co., Ltd.

       Since 2015, in addition to the export and domestic sales of conventional diagonal fans, axial fans, heaters and other products, we have been committed to the domestic sales of HS-TM1S moisture meters. This moisture meter has high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, high degree of automatic control, and can input drying moisture data into the computer, which is convenient for users to use. Detailed information is on this website with related product introductions.

       In April, the president, general manager and sales department personnel of our company's Japanese headquarters participated in the 8th China (Jiangsu) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, which was held in Nanjing. This exhibition mainly focuses on agricultural machinery, and many well-known companies participate in the exhibition. There are more than 100 exhibiting companies, which is the first time that our company has participated in an exhibition from other provinces since its establishment. Exhibitors are all agricultural machinery and equipment. The moisture meter and blower products of agricultural machinery and equipment have received widespread attention. Several companies are interested in our company's moisture meter and blower.

       Dalian Shizuoka Machinery Co., Ltd. is striving towards the goal with steady steps and hard work attitude. At the same time, we also look forward to your calls and letters, and we will do our best to serve you.

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